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This website is the result of a few passions of mine coming together. Every page, every bullet point, pictures, text, headers and articles you see here is a result of my attempts to play with and understand HTML & CSS. I love writing and I created two blogs to share some of my passions with you. The blogs are written in Danish as a way of maintaining my native tongue while living and working in an English speaking country.

Here is a brief summary of the website content and where to find it:

My Profile – A brief presentation of who I am, my passions and professional skills.

My Hobbies – An odd assortment of phenomenons that trigger my interest.

Politik – I’m aware that most people are fed up with politics and would rather avoid the topic. To me it is fascinating and I’m always curious to see if I can decipher who and what people vote for. The “Politik” blog is written in Danish but my main focus is on US politics.

Rejseblog“To travel is to live” as one of my fellow countrymen Hans Christian Andersen once famously said. Two of my favorite hobbies come together on my “rejseblog” – writing and traveling. I promise to add pictures for my non-Danish speaking readers.

Contact – I would love to hear from you. Shoot me an email and if you think we might be able to help each other.

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